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Larry Lisk has a long history with the Tampa Bay music scene and Skipper's. Larry was the co-founder and President of the Suncoast Blues Society from 1997-2005. The Suncoast Blues Society grew from an idea into one of the largest and most active Blues Societies in the United States and was recognized for its achievements and accomplishments by the Blues Foundation in Memphis, TN with its prestigious Keeping The Blues Alive Award as the Blues Organization of the Year in 2004. Larry is also heard every Monday evening playing the blues on WMNF 88.5 FM from 6-8PM where he has an amazing streak of 14 years on the air with never missing a show. Larry also serves on the advisory committee for the Florida Music Hall of Fame. His enthusiasm for the music and attention to detail makes his show what it is. Few have the passion for the blues that Larry has. WMNF recently presented Larry with the 2011 Lifetime Achievement Award

Larry Lisk will consider your requests when he plans the show.
Email is recommended.


Denny Umphreys was a DJ and Promoter in Honolulu. Assisted Larry with board duties 2008-2009. Penned the former show name “True Blues Tuesday”. Moved to San Francisco to further his Graphic Art business but continues to handle the promotion and website for the show. Denny loves the blues and played lead guitar and harp with blues bands in S.F. during the 60’s. Still can be easily prodded up on stage to play harp with any blues band especially after a few beers.

Current Board Operator... Rich Gonzales is from Chicago, blues capital of the world. A regular at several blues clubs there, he got to see and hear the finest local and national blues artists for years. His favorite Chicago blues artists include Otis Rush, Jimmy Johnson, Sugar Blue, Dion Payton, and the Kinsey Report.
A charter member of the Suncoast Blues Society, Rich recently completed graduate studies at USF and is starting a marketing consulting company. He assists with the background activities of Larry Lisk's Mo’ Blues Monday show on WMNF. Rich enjoys talking blues music with Larry and the show's listeners.
Rich is currently in the midst of yet another attempt to learn to play electric guitar... his goal is to open for Magic Slim at Kingston Mines in March 2013.